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CCNP Routing and Switching ROUTE v2

Exam 300-101

CCNP Routing and Switching ROUTE 5 Day Boot Camp

The ROUTE exam has changed, as of January 29th, 2015. The 642-902 has been replaced with 300-101. ROUTE is the first of the three courses needed to achieve a CCNP in Routing and Switching. A solid understanding of CCNA R&S topics is definitely needed for those of you who wish to continue with the routing and switching track. This is a very intense course, and we go at it from day one with all guns blazing.

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Course Overview

The five-day course begins with a review of some of the CCNA topics, then moves on to an in-depth study of EIGRP, OSPF, and BGP. These topics are followed by basic and advanced IPG route redistribution as well as policy-based routing. The course finishes with branch office networking and routing, and IPv6 is discussed in detail throughout the week.

We have plenty of configurations to go through, and IT Track has updated its course to ensure all trainees have more than enough hands-on experience to really dig into the technologies we cover in this course. In addition to the 1800 and 2800 series routers we have in house, we also provide pre-configured GNS3 1.x labs for route redistribution, OSPF, EIGRP and BGP scenarios, as well as examples of routing loops.

Prerequisites: Completion of CCNA Routing and Switching

Course Outline

Day 1: EIGRP

  • CCNA EIGRP review.
  • Configuring EIGRP topologies.
  • K-values, tuning metrics, and offset lists.
  • Load sharing, route filtering with route maps, and convergence.
  • Route summarization, auto-summary, and default routes.
  • EIGRP over WANs and EIGRP authentication.

Day 2: OSPF

  • CCNA OSPF review.
  • OSPF neighbors and the Link-State Database.
  • LSA Types 1,2, and 3, LSA flooding, and route calculation.
  • ASBRs, LSA Type 5 and summarization.
  • Stubby, Totally Stubby, Not-So-Stubby, and Totally Not-So-Stubby Areas.
  • Type 7 LSAs.
  • OSPF configurations and potential issues with neighbors.
  • OSPF Virtual Links.

Day 3: Route Redistribution

  • Redistributing EIGRP.
  • Redistributing OSPF.
  • Route injection and Route Maps.
  • Redistributing over multiple redistribution points.
  • Loop prevention over multiple redistribution protocols.
  • Distribute lists, IPv6 redistribution, and Policy-Based Routing.

Day 4: BGP

  • iBGP and eBGP.
  • BGP neighborships.
  • BGP multihop.
  • BGP verification and route injection.
  • iBGP, loop prevention, meshes.
  • The BGP best path algorithm.
  • Setting Path Attributes (Pas).

Day 5: Other Topics and Review

  • Named EIGRP, RIPng and OSPFv3.
  • IPv6 with BGP
  • Router security (AAA, SNMP, and NTP).
  • VPNs (IPSEC, GRE, and DMVPN) and remote connectivity with PPPoE.
  • Review and exam practice.