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29 Sep


Course: Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure section 2

September 29, 2013 | By |

Course Outline

Day 1: Server Infrastructure Planning and Deployment

  • Automated server installation strategies.
  • Implementing a server deployment infrastructure.
  • Upgrades and migrations across Forests and Domains.
  • Implementing Virtual Machine Manager services.
  • Implementing file and storage services.

Day 2: Network Infrastructure

  • Network infrastructure services and implementation.
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) solutions.
  • Designing effective name resolution.
  • Managing IP addresses efficiently and effectively.

Day 3: Implementing Network Access Servicees

  • Designing a VPN solution.
  • Security Certificates, firewalls and packet filtering.
  • Scalable remote access solutions.
  • Capacity and server placement considerations.
  • Designing a network protection solution.
  • IPSEC, RADIUS, and endpoint protection.

Day 4: Implementing a Logical AD Infrastructure

  • Forest and Domain infrastructure design.
  • Multi-Forest architecture, trusts, and restructuring.
  • Implementing a Forest and Domain infrastructure.
  • Migrating, upgrading, and renaming Domains.
  • Designing enterprise Group Policy strategies.
  • Designing an Active Directory permissions model.

Day 5: Implementing a Physical AD Infrastructure

  • Designing an Active Directory sites topology.
  • Monitoring and resolving replication.
  • Domain controller strategies.
  • Configuring Global Catalog and Operations Master roles.
  • Domain Controller cloning.
  • Implementing a branch office infrastructure.
  • Delegating administration.
  • Review and exam prep.