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03 Feb


Course: ROUTE v2 section 2

February 3, 2015 | By |

Course Outline

Day 1: EIGRP

  • CCNA EIGRP review.
  • Configuring EIGRP topologies.
  • K-values, tuning metrics, and offset lists.
  • Load sharing, route filtering with route maps, and convergence.
  • Route summarization, auto-summary, and default routes.
  • EIGRP over WANs and EIGRP authentication.

Day 2: OSPF

  • CCNA OSPF review.
  • OSPF neighbors and the Link-State Database.
  • LSA Types 1,2, and 3, LSA flooding, and route calculation.
  • ASBRs, LSA Type 5 and summarization.
  • Stubby, Totally Stubby, Not-So-Stubby, and Totally Not-So-Stubby Areas.
  • Type 7 LSAs.
  • OSPF configurations and potential issues with neighbors.
  • OSPF Virtual Links.

Day 3: Route Redistribution

  • Redistributing EIGRP.
  • Redistributing OSPF.
  • Route injection and Route Maps.
  • Redistributing over multiple redistribution points.
  • Loop prevention over multiple redistribution protocols.
  • Distribute lists, IPv6 redistribution, and Policy-Based Routing.

Day 4: BGP

  • iBGP and eBGP.
  • BGP neighborships.
  • BGP multihop.
  • BGP verification and route injection.
  • iBGP, loop prevention, meshes.
  • The BGP best path algorithm.
  • Setting Path Attributes (Pas).

Day 5: Other Topics and Review

  • Named EIGRP, RIPng and OSPFv3.
  • IPv6 with BGP
  • Router security (AAA, SNMP, and NTP).
  • VPNs (IPSEC, GRE, and DMVPN) and remote connectivity with PPPoE.
  • Review and exam practice.