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03 Nov


Course: VPN section 2

November 3, 2013 | By |

Course Outline

Day 1: Common ASA VPN Configurations

  • ASA VPN licensing requirements.
  • AnyConnect 3.0 Mobility (VPN, NAM, Web Sec (ScanSafe), and Telemetry)
  • Implementing ASA VPN connection profiles, group policies, and user policies.
  • Implementing SCEP proxy operations using Cisco ASDM.
  • Local and external VPN authorization using ASDM.
  • VPN session accounting using ASDM.
  • Cisco Secure Desktop and Independent Host Scan operations with ASDM.
  • Implementing DAP operations using ASDM.
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) VPNs using ASDM.
  • Implementing certificate maps using ASDM.
  • Identify the ASA IPv6 VPN capabilities
  • Verifying CLI commands from the various VPN configurations on the ASA.


  • Implementing a high-level security design using ASA IPSec S2S VPN features.
  • Configuring basic IPSEC S2S VPN operations with PSK and digital certificates.
  • Implementing basic IKEv2 based IPSEC S2S VPN operations.
  • Troubleshooting IPSec S2S VPN.
  • Implementing basic EZVPN server operations on the ASA using ASDM.

Day 3: EZVPN Remote Operations and ASA AnyConnect SSL VPNs

  • Implementing AnyConnect 3.0 IKEv2 RA VPN operations.
  • Implementing Client Services Server (CSS) features.
  • Troubleshooting IPSec RA VPNs.
  • DTLS operations using ASDM.
  • Configuring AnyConnect 3.0 full-tunnel SSL VPN operations.
  • Troubleshooting AnyConnect SSL VPN operations using DART.
  • Implementing AnyConnect Profiles using ASDM.
  • Advanced authentication in AnyConnect Full Tunnel SSL VPNs.
  • Troubleshooting SSL VPN applications.

Day 4-5: ASA Clientless SSL VPNs and High Availability

  • Implementing basic Clientless SSL VPN operations using ASDM.
  • Implementing advanced applications access using ASDM.
  • SSO features on the ASA in a clientless SSL VPN environment.
  • Advanced authentication in clientless SSL VPNs.
  • Managing the clientless SSL VPN user interface and portal using ASDM.
  • Basic portal customization.
  • Troubleshooting Clientless SSL VPN applications due to misconfiguration.
  • Implementing SSL and IPSEC VPN high availability features.