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12 Feb


Written Testimonials

February 12, 2015 | By |

Written Testimonials

I had the pleasure of attending IT-Track’s Windows 7 course facilitated by Boyd, the head of the IT Track.  It was a fun and energetic atmosphere with trainees from around the world bringing a diverse array of experience.  It was clear from the very start that Boyd knew what he was talking about.  From his years working in the field, Boyd was able to bring the exam topics to life with colorful real world examples from the IT trenches.  Boyd is a natural trainer and clearly has a passion for sharing his vast wealth of knowledge.  Rather than just bombarding the classroom with dry facts to memorize, Boyd loves to reinforce the content by building the foundations and explaining the reasons ‘why’ behind every best practice.  His energy and entertaining style make a full day class go by in no time with students hanging out for extra questions long after the end.  I would recommend taking any class taught by Boyd and look forward to my next boot camp!

Jeff Cobb – Chicago, USA

“The courses framed complex concepts in a common sense, understandable way that made it easier to grasp.”
“Taking courses in Bangkok was a fantastic experience.  I enjoyed the courses and the downtime.”
“IT Track is a comfortable, modern facility in the heart of magnificent Bangkok. “
“Highly recommended! Great  experience!”

Michael Brown – Austin, TX  USA

“Boyd is an excellent teacher”
“explained everything in a manner that made the concepts easy to understand”
“The atmosphere was also relaxing”
“reasonably priced”

Mark Tam – Afghanistan

“Training was conducted in a logical manner and followed a path that was easy to understand”
“Boyd possesses the intelligence and common sense to successfully relay the material in a manner that makes it fathomable”
“Boyd has a reputation for excellence”

Paul Mades – Pattaya, Thailand