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Bangkok-Asia’s Entertainment Hub

February 18, 2015 | By | No Comments

Bangkok is one of the most popular destinations in the world. If you’re pursuing a CCNP or CCNA course in Thailand, you will be delighted with the overall experience of your stay in Bangkok. From ancient palaces and temples to world famous hotels, amazing nightlife and stunning shopping malls, Bangkok is exotic, modern and does not disappoint.
Along the waterways and old market areas, you will experience striking sights and stimulating aromas. The city is architecturally inspiring with a mix of ancient and new, exotic and modern. Bangkok is the epicentre for all of Thailand’s rich culture.
Glittering temples, luxury hotels, hospitable people, exotic nightlife, great shopping and colorful markets will take your breath away.
The dazzling temples in Bangkok are an impressive treat for anyone taking Cisco courses in Thailand. They are part of the city’s soul. Bangkok’s rich heritage and culture is clearly reflected in its mansions and palaces. The Grand Palace is a must-see in Bangkok but there are many, many more gems in this remarkable city.
When it comes to shopping, you can choose from numerous options in Bangkok. From marble and chrome shopping centers to the busy street markets, Bangkok is the perfect place to shop for almost anything.
The malls sell exclusive labels, and boutiques sell some funky items. Street markets offer almost anything. The number of options may even seem overwhelming. Thus, you need to brush up your bargaining skills before you start shopping.
Eating Out
Dining out in Bangkok is always an exceptional experience. This city is full of delicious food, exotic treats, well-loved classic dishes and amazing options. In addition to the sour, spicy, salty and sweet Thai cuisine, you can also find dishes from around the world.
Dining options in Bangkok are unpredictable. You will have your choice of riverside bars and restaurants, budget food courts, teak pavilions, fine dining and fast food chains. Bangkok offers an unrivalled food experience.
Bangkok’s Nightlife
Bangkok is famous around the globe for its nightlife but few are aware of the wide range of entertainment options. With exceptional live music, fun jazz clubs, hip dance venues, ultra-trendy bars, art and cinema exhibits, night markets, festivals, Bangkok is rapidly turning into the most-desired destination in Asia..
Astounding High End Golf Courses
In addition to this, Bangkok offers a choice of more than 60 golf courses. Most of these golf courses are considered the best in Thailand. Due to location and traffic, it may take about an hour to reach most golf courses. However, the standard of maintenance will make your trip worthwhile.
There’s no doubt that Bangkok is one of the most fascinating and vibrant cities in the world. Whether you’re looking for an exceptional nightlife or glittering temples, you will have a unique, fascinating experience that you’ll never forget.

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