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International Dining in Thailand

September 30, 2014 | By | No Comments

Bangkok is fast gaining a reputation for its impressive range of spectacular international restaurants.

Bangkok is a cosmopolitan city with an exciting and thriving food scene that reflects its diversity.  Acclaimed chefs from all over the world have created a cutting-edge, international culinary hot-spot here.

The rise of fast food restaurants in Bangkok

Of course the usual McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Pizza Company, Scoozie, Nara Pizza, Subway, KFC, Burger King, Au Bon Pain, Sunrise Tacos and other fast food restaurants have made their way to The Land of Smiles. Today these brand names can be seen on nearly every street corner and they are all available for delivery; some 24/7!

Italian Restaurants

Italian restaurants are the current chic hang-outs for foreigners and more affluent Thais. Each restaurant offers its own individual taste of Italy from the northern tastes of Parma to the southern regions of Sicily. Many offer sophisticated wine lists as well.

Arabic Food

Halal options have become widely popular in Bangkok.  The number of establishments offering authentic Arabic and Persian cuisines has grown and available on almost every well-known street in the city.


Take your pick from a number of vegetarian based establishments. Indian restaurants are found throughout the city and offer exquisite vegetarian options.

Japanese Cuisine

Thais love Japanese food; this is evident by the number of Japanese restaurants in Bangkok.  Everything from superb sushi restaurants to Japanese style curry houses are found in neighborhoods throughout the city.

Mexican and Spanish Food

Mexican and Spanish cuisines were probably the last to join Bangkok’s thriving international culinary scene. Sunrise Tacos has many locations throughout the city but dig around and you’ll find several other hidden, tasty Mexican and Spanish restaurants in Bangkok.

Hong Kong and Chinese Cuisine

Thailand, being so influenced by and so close to China, offers a host of Chinese restaurants scattered across the city. China Town, however, is paradise for food lovers offering a remarkable assortment of Chinese styles like Peking, Kowloon, authentic Hong Kong.


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