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Parks to Relax, Exercise or Escape the City Bustle

October 5, 2014 | By | No Comments

Bangkok’s parks are incredibly relaxing considering all the hustle, bustle and fun of street life in what is simply one of the most unique cities in the world.

From skateboard ramps, exercise machines, running and cycling tracks to relaxing, studying quietly in the corner of the park, or running into exotic creatures not usually found in your home country, we can safely say that Bangkok’s parks have it all.

Washing away a day of intense studying is not always about visiting the massage parlour, pool, sauna, or steam room.


Running and cycling tracks run the course of many of the bigger parks near the IT Track learning center.  Lumpini Park, Bangkok’s equivalent of New York’s Central Park, is a short 5 minute taxi drive away or a 10 minute walk up the road.

Lumpini Park Sports Galore

Tennis courts, aerobics, running/jogging, paddle boats, cycling, speed walking, Tai Chi, and many other sports and sports equipment are all available at the park. The paddle boats are a great way to explore the lakes that dominate the park’s luscious scenery.

Benjakit Park

Not far from IT Track there is another much quieter park that centers around a huge lake.  As with Lumpini, there are several exercise facilities around the park. Benjakit Park also has an open-air temple great for meditating.

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