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03 Nov


Course: FIREWALL section 2

November 3, 2013 | By |

Course Outline

Day 1: Cisco ASA Basic Configurations

  • Identifying the ASA product family and ASA licensing.
  • Managing the ASA boot process.
  • Interface settings and management features.
  • Implementing ASA access control features.
  • Implementing Network Address Translation (NAT) on the ASA.
  • Implement ASDM public server features.

Day 2: ASA Routing Features

  • Implementing ASA static routing.
  • Implementing ASA dynamic routing.
  • ASA quality of service (QoS) settings.

Day 3-4: ASA Inspection Policy and Transparent Firewalls

  • Implementing ASA inspections features.
  • Configuring ASA transparent firewalls.
  • Advanced Network Protection.
  • Implementing ASA Botnet traffic filters.

Day 5: ASA High Availability

  • Implementing ASA Interface redundancy and load sharing features.
  • Implementing ASA virtualization features.
  • Implementing ASA stateful failover.